The Center of Competence Multimorbidity is an inter- and transdisciplinary research network supported by various departments and institutes of the Medicine and Social Sciences Faculties.

The focus of the network is the development of knowledge to facilitate medical decision making in multimorbid patients with disease-disease interactions. Interactions are considered from different research perspectives.

Scientists and experts from different areas of health research
engage together in the:

  • Research of clinical decision making and the management of interactions (disease - disease, drug -drug and drug - disease) in individual multimorbid patients
  • Development of instruments to measure multimorbidity
  • Development and application of computational analytics for multimorbidity
  • Research on the maintenance and stabilization of functional quality of life in individuals with multiple diseases
  • Research on medication adherence in multimorbid patients
  • Study of the distribution and determinants of multimorbidity in the population